•Feed them a “pre‐Shabbat” snack so they are patient through the blessings. • Have crayons/coloring books and quiet activities available that they can engage in at the table. • Buy a special treat for dessert – and make sure they know it comes at the end! • Play music – Shabbat songs or just relaxing music in the background. • Focus their energy in your own family rituals – so they know what to expect. Some families give theirchildren a fewcoins to put in the tzedakah box before candles are lit. Assign them to come up with aparticular organization thatthey want to donate to – have a discussion (for older kids). • Play doh, molding clay, or something to do with their hands that won’t disturb the blessings. • Purchase a “play” Shabbat set‐ wooden or plush that you can find online. That way they have their own setto play with while the adults are focusing on the ritual items that can’t be played with in the same manner.


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Source: A Shabbat Experience For Your Group of Friends (and Family)