Our Donor Membership Program

We offer various membership levels to our users who would like support DIY Judaism.

One Time Donor

$36 One Time Suggested Contribution

Become a Haggadot One Time member by donating $36 dollars or more. Your support helps us keep the lights on, maintain our servers, and bring you hundreds of new clips each Passover.

Monthly Donor

$10 Monthly Contribution

Become a Haggadot Monthly member by donating $10 dollars a month. Your monthly support allows us to keep Haggadot.com and our partner site, Haggadot.com, going year round, developing new tools, and creating new content. As a thank you, you will be the first to receive new digital publications, access to members-only webinars, and one free tote bag from our marketplace.

Macher Donor

One Time $250+ Contribution

Become a Haggadot Macher by making a one time contribution of $250 or more. Your support helps us improve and upgrade our technology, so that we can bring you a better user experience. As a thank you, you will receive three printed publications annually, one limited-edition poster, access to members-only webinars, and one free tote bag from our marketplace.


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Over the past two years we have experienced a 315% increase in site traffic during Passover. As over user base grows, so must our technology.

2016 100,000 Users Predicted

2015 74,000 Users

2014 32,000 Users

How Your Contribution Will Help

Through user feedback and testing, we’ve identified several features and improvements we would like to make, in efforts to improve our user’s experience.

 Book Editor Upgrade

With a new platform, we can take design to the next level. Right now, the options are limited - we’d like to upgrade our preview mode so it’s identical to what you get when you print your haggadah.

 Better printing for better design.

We get it. You spent all this time on a haggadah and now you want it printed and bound, so you can send copies to Bubbie.

Rightnow, the “spreads” layout is only available in the digital version, but with a technology upgrade, you’ll be able to to send your books directly to a publisher

 IOS & Android Application

We would like to expand on the functionality seen on Haggadot.com in Android and iOS applications

 Mobile Responsive Platform

In order to provide an intuitive mobile experience, we need to overhaul our Mobile strategy and platform

These Changes Also Impact Haggadot.com

 More Great Content Year-Round

Joining Haggadot.com isn’t just for Passover. Your support allows us to make these changes here at Haggadot.com, and at Custom &Craft, too. Custom & Craft takes the same principles of DIY Judaism beyond the seders. At Custom & Craft you can build your own Shabbat service, baby naming, wedding ceremony, and rituals for any Jewish holiday.